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CVS update: /jms4spread/www/


Author dlr
Full name Daniel Rall
Date 2002-08-06 11:15:44 PDT
Message User: dlr
Date: 02/08/06 11:15:44


 Deleted "initial content" notice.

File Changes:

Directory: /jms4spread/www/

File [changed]: index.html
Url: http://jms4spread.ti​gris.org/source/brow​se/jms4spread/www/in​dex.html.diff?r1=1.6​&r2=1.7
Delta lines: +0 -29
--- index.html 6 Aug 2002 17:58:53 -0000 1.6
+++ index.html 6 Aug 2002 18:15:44 -0000 1.7
@@ -4,35 +4,6 @@
-<p>This is the initial web content for your project. Please customize
-this to fit your project. You dont need to anwser all these questions
-or follow this exact format, but we do like to see this kind of
-information before we approve projects for public viewing.
-<p>Until your project is approved, only you can view it and work on
-<li>This index.html will be used if and only if you have the "Use
-Project Home Page" option checked on the "Adminster Project" page
-(click the "Admin" tab).</li>
-<li>To edit this file, check out your project via CVS and edit www/index.html.
-<li>You can 'cvs add' and commit other files under the project's "www"
-directory and they will published to your project web site.</li>
-<li>Also, consider starting a thread in the "dev" mailing list to get
-thes discussion started. A good one is an "introduction" thread where
-people post messages about themselves and their interest in the
-<li>You can add a "Highlights:" line to the top of all web pages by adding a file www/project_highlights.html </li>
 <p>The goal of this project is to create a light weight and easy to

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CVS update: /jms4spread/www/ dlr Daniel Rall 2002-08-06 11:15:44 PDT
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